Join backer boards like a pro with Mesh Seam Tape. Designed to simplify your tiling projects, this reinforced fiberglass tape makes a strong and reliable seam for most types of cement backer board and tile underlayment. Say goodbye to tedious taping and hello to a roll that self-adheres, reducing your installation time and effort. Trust in the added strength of the fiberglass mesh and make your tiling projects a success with Mesh Seam Tape.

Specifications / Benefits:

  • Alkali resistant fiberglass mesh for cement backerboard and tile underlayment
  • Self-adhesive tape for reduced taping time
  • 2 in. width for smooth mortar spreading
  • Resistant to tears and shrinking
  • Alkaline and moisture resistant for high humidity environments
  • Prevents discoloration
  • Self-adhering Cement Board Tape Roll

Available Board Seam Tape:

Board Seam Tape – 2" x 50' roll

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